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Roch Mechatronics Inc Lab Equipment Manufacturers Autoclaves, Vertical Autoclaves, Cylindrical Autoclaves, Rectangular autoclaves which are ruggedly used for sterilization in industries laboratory applications. As a manufacturer our stregenth is to design & build custom made Autoclaves based on application & space. Roch commands respect all over the world for quality, Our Lab Equioment are CE, GMP, ISO stands testimony for quality. Exports of Lab Equipment vertical autoclaves, cylindrical autoclave , rectangular autoclave to Europe, Gulf, Africa, Far & middle East Asia is a usual feature apart from Indian subcontinent market, Defence, Research, Educational Institutes, Pharma Research to Development, Labs, Industries, are Roch's satisfied customers for Lab Equipment.
Vertical Autoclave Sterlizer

Roch's Lab Equipmets features made to order Custom built, Complete Stainless Steel / Mild Steel Combination, Ergonomic design, Energy Efficient, Radial Locking with double safety system, Double Safety Valve Protectijon to Purging , Hydraulic Testing Upto 2.5 times the working pressure, Calibration And Protocol Documentation on Demand, Microprocessor System, Data Logging & Chart Recorders.

Construction: Roch's autoclaves, vertical autoclaves, are double/triple walled units. Outer body of our autoclaves is constructed out of thik steel sheet of SS-304/mild steel grade. the inner chamber is also made of SWA 18 gauge stainless steel sheet .These autoclaves are air insulated from inside, in double walled, triple walled have mineral glass wool for insulation. Lid is constructed out of thick stainless steel plate, having double safe jocking mechanism, ensuring an easy smooth openig and closing operation of our autoclaves our vertical autoclaves are ideally suited for hospitals and research labs there fore becomes the first vhoice of industries,R&D center, hospiital, unversities. At Roch's the quality assurance department ensures international standerds to ensure the testing and safety of the equipment. Our autoclaves , vertical autoclave are used for batch production in agriculture, plant, genomic, mushroom, hospitals. Standard acessories such as carriage, trolley, trays are also suppllied with our autoclaves in our Lab Equipment manufacturing range.

Operating Pressure: Our Autoclaves run from 5 PSI to 20 PSI. which is adjustable to suit to your requirments

Pressure Control : Our vertical autoclaves have PID, Microprecessor semi automatic electro mechanical piezostat to programme and the inside pressure of the chamber the current is out from the heater if the pressure exceeds the set pressure value of the autoclave ensuring the safety standard.

Working Pressure : Our autoclaves standard working pressure is 15 PSI above the range can be manufactured on customars specfic need untill 30 PSI.

Working Temperature : Technicalally and as per IS standards our vertical autoclaves work from 118˚C - 134˚C depending on double walled trijple walled construction.

Heating : Roch's vertical autoclaves have unique designed heaters which are energy efficient ensuring better time and sterilization effectiveness.

Hightlights of Our Vertical Autoclaves, Cylindrical Autoclaves, Rectangular Autoclaves in our range of Lab Equipments

  • PID, Microprocessor, Semiautomatic controls, Double safety, Heavy duty, Stainless steel steam release value system.
  • Brass Safty valves, duly hard chrome plated/digital/PID also available.
  • Water level indicator with level indicator.
  • High accuracy and reliable pressure gauge.
  • Paddle lifting device for Lid opening.
  • Vertical Autoclave
    Standard Models of Vertical Autoclaves :
    Model Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Volume(Liters)
    Roch V 2545 250 mm 450 mm 22 ltrs
    Roch V 3050 300 mm 500 mm 50 ltrs
    Roch V 3555 350 mm 550 mm 78 ltrs
    Roch V 4560 450 mm 600 mm 98 ltrs
    Roch V 5575 550 mm 750 mm 152 ltrs
    Note : Vertical Autoclaves on customers specific demands also custom made in the Lab Equipment range.
    Silent Features of Lab Equipment PLC:

    1. Programmable Logistic Controls :

    • Latest micro processor
    • Complete automatic system
    • Offline and online programmable cycles for our vertical autoclaves.
    • Programme value and achieves value seen on the autoclaves.
    • Display of programme cycles and recalling of cycles in our vertical autoclaves.
    • Display of Temperature, Pressure, time on screen.
    • Operator friendly menu driven software.
    • Chart formats available
    • Documenting cycles
    • RS 232 Output
    • Printer connectivity possible
    • PLC designed for our vertical, cylindrical and rectangular autoclave
    • Alpha numeric
    • Password enabled

    2. PID/Microproscessor Controllers : Microprocessor based programmable temperature controller cum indicator are supplied as optional in our Vertical, Cylindrical and Rectangular Autoclaves online and off line programs cycles.

    3. Digital Temperature Indicator : A solid state digital temperature controller cum indicator as optional accessories available. Vertical, Cylindrical and Rectangular Autoclaves models monitoring the temperature form a distance through the large LED.

    4. Timer With Alarm System : Semi automatic controller is available as optional with the standard models of our vertical, Cylindrical and Rectangular autoclave to set the sterilization time and other function without bothering to monitor cycle. The controller switched off the current from the main system when the set value for a given sterilization cycle is attained and gives on audio alarm.

    5. Chart Recorder : Semi automatic self contained easy to use recording device, which permanently records the temperature is any given sterilization cycle of our Vertical, Cylindrical and Rectangular Autoclaves on a graph sheet, with the help of a small IC mounted in the controller.

    6. Low Water Cut Off Device : Automatic system is available with our vertical autoclave to give protection in continuous application.

    Data Logger For Vertical, Cylindrical and Rectangular Autoclave : Data Loggers are a biggest asset to our Vertical, Cylindrical and Rectangular Autoclave to log in temperature and related data RS 232 C interphase is then analyzed and formatted with the help of unique user friendly analysis software formatted analyzed reports of various inputs and programme cycle is generated. Widely used in pharmaceutical laboratories, process control applications and high research projects defence to keep statistical records.

    Features :

    • In line process valves, time temperature.
    • Interface to any dot matrix or laser printer for online or offline data printing
    • Bulk data storage capacity.
    • Formatted print of records with proper headers.
    • Our system provided facility to program recording interval with various options to suit individual.
    • It is provided with the features to adjust or select baud rate for any serial communication port.
    • Users friendly, custom developed software and report obtains activity analyze.
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