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Plant Growth Chambers supplier and manufacturer

Plant Growth Chambers are special type of environmental test chambers which are designed to perform plant growth experiments inside laboratory.

Roch Growth Chambers are designed to fulfill the need of rapid increasing demand, for plant growing. Also, enhance the yield of plants vegetation.

The motto of this machine is to create such atmospheric conditions responsible for effective plant germination and growth.

It is quiet, easy to clean, highly reliable and ideal for plant growth chamber use It offers hot gas bypass control of refrigeration and resistive to heat to facilitate reliable, temperature and humidity control.

Here are some features:

  • Its unique air flow system enhances the liability of plant to grow.
  • It is user friendly with easy handling process.
  • We assemble it according to your demand, like adding of backup facility.
  • Camera is installed to record the observation.
  • Packing of International Standards.
  • Chamber is always being tested prior to dispatch.


  • Research Centers
  • Plant Engineering
  • Plant Cultivation
  • Genetic modification
  • Agro Pharma Industries
  • Agro Industries
  • Plant fertility and Hybridization
  • Universities and Colleges

Our standard reach-in is flexible enough to be redesigned as a bench-top, double door, or triple door upright.

The plant growth chambers accommodate any size or quantity of plants needed in botanical or agriculture research.