About Us

Roch Mechatronics Inc  Developing Sustainable Future Technologies is our motto. Setting international standards regarding as per the quality and innovation parameters, Roch Mechatronics introduces itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter a wide range of Thermosetting equipment for LaboratoriesResearch Institutes and Industries as well.

Team with Vision to “Work Beyond Horizon” Professionals Scientist Engineers and Thermosetting Equipments Designers with varied experience and accomplishments.

Roch Mechatronics unfolds its decades of experience around the globe.A streamlined resource of talented individuals with analytical abilities Gel together as Team. Roch Mechatronics with dedicated creativity to produce quality. Roch Mechatronics redefines Technology as Opportunity to develop sustainable future technologies.

Presently, our equipment finds wide application in institutes & research centers for conducting various chemical researches and experiments. Presently, apart from the domestic markets, we are also serving the demands of clients based in USA, East Asian, European and Gulf African countries.

Roch Mechatronics by all Acronyms is Energy with Physical and Functional Distinction.

For us it’s the belief of Constantly Striving for growth, through Newer Technology.

Roch Mechatronics Symbolizes Technology with Distinct Sustainable Advantages. 

Come Experience Roch Mechatronics

Roch Mechatronics thermosetting equipments designed to your expectations under technical know-how from Canada.

Our Vision: Roch Mechatronics by all Acronyms is energy with physical and functional distinction.

Our cherished vision is to create a legacy by creating and enduring thermosetting products that transcends time, area countries A Leap beyond Horizon.

 Roch Mechatronics is on and unflinchingly mission. The user’s world over place repeat orders as we partner our successful acceptance due to valued users input in product development.

Thus accomplishing the Sustainable Future Technologies superior crafted Thermo setting equipments from Roch Mechatronics.

Manufacturer supplier of Bioreactor/Fermenter, Shaker, Growth Chamber, Autoclave/Sterilzer, Freezing & Cooling, Incubator, Heating Cooling Baths, Freez Drying Equipment, Oven, Centrifuge, HPLC System, Gas Chromatography, FT-IR Spectrometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Micropipette, Gel Documentation, Electrophoresis Unit, Clean Room Equipments, Laboratory PCR, Humidity chamber, Environmental Chamber, Deep Freezer, Laboratory Incubator, BOD Incubator, Laboratory Autoclave, Laboratory Instruments, Freezer India, Freezer Supplier from India.