Mini Bioreactor

Mini Bioreactor Fermenter

Mini Bioreactor Fermenter:

Roch produces the world’s best MINI BIOREACTOR FERMENTER   with magnetic Drive as well. Fermenter are various type  of Bioreactor fermenter, There are different Mini fermenters are available from 0. 2 L to 1.0 L and can work in tandem as well with single controller. Mini Bioreactor Fermenter is ideal device for innovative parallel process development for Medical Lab and also in R&D Labs. The Process Control System can manage up to 24 units with parallel control. Mostall Fermenters are Computer controlled multiple fermenters and mini bio-reactor systems for high throughput screening and parallel optimisation.


The MINI BIOREACTOR FERMENTERS are tepless rotation controls from 50 to 1200 rpm, temperature through steam generation Air sparger cold water circulation, PH detection and controls from two. Zero– 12 BH, dissolved oxygen, gas, feet controls are available.

Roch Mechatronics understands the importance of having MINI BIOREACTOR FERMENTER . A true handy Fermenter with PID controls or PLC controls.Glass vessel autoclavable are available on demand.

Scientists desiring to harvest the cells by enhancing the metabolic process when target commercially produced enzymes like lipase,Invert is ferAdi fingerprint through GM microbes. Roch mini fermenters are the solution.

Large LCD touchscreen controls with graphics in process flow chart are the added advantages top plate of the glass is made of 304/ 316 grade steel with multi ports enable Swift and a smooth operation.

Mini Bioreactors enhanced with modern chemometrics tools enable fast and reliable development and optimization of your process. Seamless transfer to our pilot and production scale single-use bioreactor.

Computer controlled multiple fermenters and bio-reactor systems for high throughput screening and parallel optimisation.

Roch Mechatronics offers a real alternative to our competitors with a truly modular system capable of each module being totally independent. Using its own power supply PLC microprocessor large TFT display colour graphics are some additional features of Roch Mechatronics mini Fermentor.