Glass Fermenter

Glass Fermenter

Glass Fermenter:

Roch Glass fermenter are designed for total cultivation needs wether prepration of isotopically labelled proteins as growth limiting nutrients expressions to harvest Cells or enhancing metabolic process where sugar, carbohydrates conversion to alcohol acid Ect by microorganisms like Yeast bacteria CHO cells etc are the need for confirmation at labs.

Roch bioreactor fermenters find applications all over the globe.

Available from 2.0 L to 20.0 Ltrs

Controls:- Roch fermenters Bioreactor are touchscreen PID, plc control for temperature sterilisation rpm, PH, DO, antifoam  etc.
Roch fermenters are made of SS316L, 304 steel with inner surface of 220 Grit Mirror polished and external surface of 182 Grit. Top plate with suitable ports for dosing, inoculation  septum including PH, temperature etc



Type                                           Autoclavable

As pact ratio                             1:25%

Design Guidance                    ASME SECTION VIII

Temperature                           PID/PLC/SCADA

AC drive                                   Electronic Frequency Controls

PH                                            Gel Filled

DO                                            Bimetallic

Anti Foam                              Automatic

Feed control                          Automatic & level sensor

Air                                           Rota meter

Gas                                          Rota meter / Thermal Mass Flow

Pressure                                 Piezoresistive    Diaphragm