Multi Vessel Glass Fermenter

Multi Vessel Glass Fermenter

Multi Vessel Glass Fermenter:

Roch offers multi vessel glass fermenter with choice to have autoclavable or In situ sterilization Top Mechanical agitation or bottom magnetic driven from capacities of 3.0 Ltrs to 10.0 Ltrs.

These multi vessel fermenter can work in Tandem or coupled to suit process demands as well. Top Plate Machine from 316 L grade steel with multi ports to facilitate harvesting of cells coupled to PLC with Touch screen LCD display, remote control online and off line programmable facility.

Agitation  control through PLC with stepless speed and height adjustment stirring  adds to much desired Bio process engineering. Which makes te Roch Fermenter an all purpose machine Roch pre programmed operating cycles allows each reactor vessel to adopt production cycles as per the desired application in demand. Temperature pH, Do2, Feed control and desired gases apart from the antifoam, Commands are easily maneuverable through the controller.



Type                                       Autoclavable

As pact ratio                         1:25%

Design Guidance                 ASME SECTION VIII

Temperature                       PID/PLC/SCADA

AC drive                                Electronic Frequency Controls

PH                                          Gel Filled

DO                                          Bimetallic

Anti Foam                             Automatic

Feed control                         Automatic & level sensor

Air                                          Rota meter

Gas                                        Rota meter / Thermal Mass Flow

Pressure                               Piezoresistive    Diaphragm