Insitu Fermenter in Tandem Multi Vessel

Insitu Fermenter in Tandem Multi Vessel

Insitu Fermenter in Tandem Multi Vessel:

Roch Mechatronics multi vessel working in tandem bioreactors fermenters with state of art controller capable to command multi union fermenter reaction with individual reaction to grow almost any cell type. Roch customizes options for anaerobic or aerobic fermentation. Weather the desired cells have sturdy cell walls or fragile and sensitive cell walls as in the case of mammalian cells.

Applications of Roch fermenters working in tandem have a wide acceptability weather project research or pharma reconfirmation as the Roch fermenter comes with pre programmed. Operating modes allowing each reactor to adapt production cycle as per the users need or change in operation cycles are demanded.

Roch fermenter Vessel are jacketed with well designed heat exchange area automated with temperature control system.

Automatic sterilization control through programmable pneumatic valves Purger accderated injection, chiller water circulation, agitation and exhaust system in accordance to ASME codes Automatic pH, DO, Aeration gas inlet redox controls through state of art SCADA.



Type                                           Autoclavable

As pact ratio                            1:25%

Design Guidance                      ASME SECTION VIII

Temperature                            PID/PLC/SCADA

AC drive                                    Electronic Frequency Controls

PH                                              Gel Filled

DO                                             Bimetallic

Anti Foam                               Automatic

Feed control                           Automatic & level sensor

Air                                            Rota meter

Gas                                           Rota meter / Thermal Mass Flow

Pressure                                Piezoresistive    Diaphragm