Clean Air Oven

clean air oven

Clean Air Oven:

Roch Mechatronics Inc. brings Class 100 HEPA Filter Hi-Clean Oven ideal for baking, drying, conditioning, sterilizing and quality control of the most critical clean application such as semiconductor, pharmaceutical and clinical applications, temperature between ambient to 250°C
High Efficiency and High Clean air convection mechanism
Rapid Heat-Up Mechanism needs less than 60 minutes to go up to 200°C
Air Filtration and Ventilation extends HEPA filter life and refresh air in the chamber
Programmable PID Control provides 1~99 step user program setting and precise temperature control and accuracy
Safety and Convenience over temperature and current protection capability ensure
user safety and adjustable sliding rack, silent fan motor
Optional RS-485 PC Communication Interface enables the user communicate oven through personal computer, temperature to time graphic and user set programming

Features of Clean Air Oven:

Oven:100 Hi-Clean Oven
• Ideal for Baking, Drying, Conditioning and Sterilizing Needs Clean Air Condition
• High Efficiency, High Clean Mechanism
• Class 100 High Temp. HEPA Filter
• Rapid Heat-Up Time 60 minutes to 200°C
• Microprocessor PID Temperature Control up to 250°C Digital Set and Readout
• Mechanical Forced Flow Convection
• Silent Fan Motor
• Optional RS-485 Communication Interface
• Optional Mobile Alert Control System