Vertical Autoclave

vertical autoclave

Vertical Autoclave:

Vertical Autoclave LVA-F22 is fully automatic microcomputer controlled vertical pressure steam sterilizer with chamber capacity of 100 L, working sterilization temperature and pressure of 134°C and 0.23 MPa respectively. Designed digital display with touch keypad and double stainless steel baskets to keep the sterilization material load. The chamber is constructed of long lasting 304 grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance property. This Vertical Autoclave functions without any vacuum pump, and the drying function is offered as per requirement. Designed with steam-water inner circulation system no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry.

Roch is reckoned as a leading manufacturer of Class N & B type of vertical steam sterilizer. Our user-friendly vertical steam sterilizer is designed for a space constraint lab. This equipment is made for Pharmaceuticals, Microbiology laboratories, Hospitals, OT & biotechnology laboratories. Our Vertical Autoclave has a tripod stand & Castor wheels with pedal lifting for door opening.

Roch Sterilizers are designed according to the ASME standard of manufacturing of chambers under pressure. All autoclave goes through an air compressor hydraulic test at 40 PSI. Roch double-walled Autoclave equipped with inbuilt water heater and perforated basket. Triple walled Steam sterilizer comes with Steam stock facility & multiple cycle Operation in one-time heating.


  • Mushroom Spawn Production
  • CSSD of Hospitals
  • Dental Clinics
  • Tattoo Needle Sterilization
  • Culture & Media Sterilization
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Drug Formulation Industry
  • Packed food Products Sterilization