Walk in Test Chamber Manufacturer

Walk in Test Chamber

Walk in Test Chamber

Roch Mechatronics Inc” Modular walk in test chamber offers unmatchable flexibility in installation. The panelised construction is engineered to perform at demanding testing conditions offering highest reliability and performance. Besides modular construction, we also offer Walk-In chamber made from welded rigid panels.

Roch Mechatronics Inc” walk in test chamber are designed for simulating, monitoring & control of environmental conditions like temperature & humidity. All these chambers are double walled & modular in construction, easy to assemble at site. They are available in standard sizes & can also be tailor made to suit specific requirements. Forced air circulation with the help of fan blower maintains uniform conditions. Use of intelligent control systems & dedicated software requirements greatly enhances the performance. These chambers can be provided with standby refrigeration & humidity systems (optional) for uninterrupted functioning.

Types of Walk In Test Chamber Flooring

1. Walk In Chamber Step-In Flooring

The Walk-In chamber is built on an existing floor with insulation of 150 mm – 200 mm. Step-In flooring is ideal for those testing applications where the test specimen is light in weight and offer easy mobility in placing it inside the test space.

2. Walk In Chamber Step Less Flooring

For the whole vehicle testing or to conduct test on a heavier specimen, the Step Less flooring is used as it will be easier to drive them from the ground to the test space. The floor is seamless made by inserting wall panels into it and is insulated from underneath.