Tissue Culture Chamber Manufacturers

Tissue Culture Chamber

Features :

  • Tissue Culture Chamber is most suitable for circulation free environment to eliminate cross contamination in sterile techniques involving culture growth, tissue staining and virus harvesting.
  • The convenient working height and ample working space provides working ease for uses while media preparation.
  • The Inner Chamber  is made of thick Stainless Steel Sheet304 grade
  • Tray surface will be of 3mm thick hylem Sheet.
  • Light Facility of LED Blue, Red & Far Red or fluorescent lights.
  • Shelves :shelf to shelf distance Adjustable
  • Temperature Range: Ambient-5ºC – 40ºC

Tissue Culture Chambers

Roch Mechatronics Inc. Tissue Culture Chambers are widely used in Electronic Industry for Delicate Parts, Hospitals and Medical Facilities, Dental Office & Laboratories, Industrial Manufacturing, Jewelry Industry for intricate parts, Auto Industry for Rugged parts, Engineering Industries, Research Centers, Universities.

Tissue Culture Chamber area total on four- six tiers with 95μmoles/m²/s P.A.R. of lighting Ideal for tissue culture requiring upward airflow to reduce condensation Four tiers of single or double row shelving maximizing tissue culture area Through the shelf airflow reduces condensation Small footprint maximizing floor space in the lab.