Altitude Test Chamber Manufacturer

Altitude Test Chamber

Roch Mechatronics Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of altitude test chamber with a difference, a flexibility to have different colored lights ,built in Shaker, choice of variable LUX intensity, with latest Human Machine interface, True Color Display with graphics and Microprocessor based Programmable Controls. Roch’s Plant Growth Chamber helps demystify challenges by modulating the growth factors conducive to implant Foreign Gene, Plants Transposable Genetic elements which affect Temperature Humidity and Light Spectrum to activate the GAP detection signals.

Altitude Test Chamber


Altitude chamber testing is important for manufacturers of products that might be shipped via air. It is especially important for defense and aerospace applications where pressure and vacuum conditions are even more intense.  Altitude/temperature and altitude/temperature/humidity chambers offer performance flexibility and reliability for today’s mixed-environment testing requirement. A Russell’s application engineer can assist you in selecting the configuration, size, and elevation chamber options that best suit your needs.

Altitude Test Chamber Features

  • Brushed 304 series stainless steel liner, heliarc welded and dye checked
  • Welded external or internal pressure member construction
  • Fiberglass insulation, 0.25k factor
  • Welded steel frame with removable access panels to service components
  • Full opening chamber door with heavy duty wheel latch
  • Heavy duty horizontal glide door hinges
  • Durable blue enamel finishes (custom colors available)
  • Heavy duty vacuum pump with gas ballast
  • Oil mist eliminator
  • Temperature ranges:
  • -100°F/-73°C to 356°F/180°C
  • Altitude Chamber range:
  • Site level to 100,000 ft (30,500 m). Extended ranges available
  • Humidity range:
  • 10% to 95% RH within the bounds of a +185°F/85°C maximum dry bulb and a 40°F/4°C min. dewpoint
  • Can be equipped with battery testing safety features according to EUCAR hazard safety level

Controlled Testing Environment Capabilities

  • Altitude
  • Temperature
  • Temperature and altitude (temperature controllable to 65,000 ft./20,000m)
  • Temperature and humidity at site level
  • Temperature, altitude, and vibration
  • Rapid Decompression
Test Space Volume18/51037/104855/1557
(Cu. Ft./Liters)
Temperature Range+180°C to -70°C (+356°F to -94°F)
Pressure Recovery TimeLess than 30 min
Pressure Maintenance?10 hours
High Tension Terminal4 pieces, Max. DC 500A,1000V
Low Tension Terminal4 pieces, Max. DC 500A,1000V
Data Cable Interface2 groups, DB9 line
Observe WindowYES
Auto DoorAdopt hydraulic automatic open design
Inner MaterialSS304
External MaterialSS304
Altitude RangeUp to 100,000 ft (30.48 km)Up to 100,000 ft (30.48 km)Up to 100,000 ft (30.48 km)
Humidity Range10% to 98%