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Bio fertilizer Reactor

Roch, bio fertilizer reactor find place in the industries, research centers where where in Bio fertilizer is desired result.

 Roch Bio Reactor fermenters are designed and manufactured to simplify the man and machine integration by powerful PlC dedicated bioprocess engineering software enabled system to produce by fertilizers.

 Roch Bio Fertilizer Fermenter reactors are built for rigorous application with a capability to harvest anaerobic and aerobic cells.

 Study construction from stainless steel 316L and 304 grade SS machined and fabricated with jacket to produce optimal usage.

Type                     Autoclavable
As pact ratio            1:25%
Design Guidance          ASME SECTION VIII
Temperature              PID/PLC/SCADA
AC drive                 Electronic Frequency Controls
PH                       Gel Filled
DO                       Bimetallic
Anti Foam                Automatic
Feed control             Automatic & level sensor
Air                      Rota meter