Pilot Fermentor

pilot fermenter

Pilot Fermenter:

Roch Pilot Fermenters Are an ideal solution to your fermentation needs, when Pilot batches are to be established for onward large-scale industrial  bioprocess products.

Roch Pilot Scale bioreactors fermenters are designed to undertake extreme cultivation test whether mammalian cells which have no cell walls are fragile and sensitive to shear forces.

The Vessels  comes equipped with the impellers then gently mix the media and minimizes the sheer force.



Type                                       Autoclavable

As pact ratio                         1:25%

Design Guidance                 ASME SECTION VIII

Temperature                       PID/PLC/SCADA

AC drive                                Electronic Frequency Controls

PH                                          Gel Filled

DO                                          Bimetallic

Anti Foam                             Automatic

Feed control                         Automatic & level sensor

Air                                          Rota meter

Gas                                        Rota meter / Thermal Mass Flow

Pressure                               Piezoresistive    Diaphragm