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Autoclaves sterilizers command respect due to the capabilities to produce a sterile product under the FDA WHO directives.

Growth Chambers

Growth Chambers are the showcase of engineering capabilities to precisely signal the GAP detection.
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Compact and Slim Roch Micro centrifuges are compact and economy for personal use Choice from Three Models Choice from three models that spin either 1.5ml or 2.0ml micro tubes, 6 adapter for 0.5ml micro tube, 8-well tube strip and 0.2ml tube adapter available Convenient Operation Power switch on right side of the body simply close lid to start and open to stop spin Durable and Stable New hinged design and latch provide durable and stable operation

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Elctrical-Non Electrical

Surgical Autoclave assures complete sterility by the process of using Damp heat steam penetrating evenly. Thus all Fungi, Spores, Bacteria Viruses gets inactivated dental surgical application confirm of surgical safety standard.

Discover a  Fermenter with our new Pilot Scale Fermenters

recognised as quality product at world over where in pilot matches are to be fermented for large scale industrial bioprocess products this pilot fermenters from buyers in our in applications for cultivation test whether this mammalian cells have to be cultivated or sugar, carbohydrates are to be broken to generate alcohol,Lipase,invertase enzymes through genetically modified microbes.






Invertase Enzymes

Developing Sustainable Future Technologies

Presently, our equipment finds wide application in institutes & research centers for conducting various chemical researches and experiments. Presently, apart from the domestic markets, we are also serving the demands of clients based in USA, East Asian, European and Gulf African countries.

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Roch has a widespread and satisfying client base all across the globe. Our customers have shown an immaculate faith on us and have placed repeated orders.